Andrew Rader 

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PhD, Aerospace Engineering           |           Youtuber          |          Author          |          Game Designer          |          Public Speaker

Andrew Rader is an aerospace engineer with a PhD in human spaceflight from MIT (2009). He's also a Game Designer, Author, Youtuber, and winner of Discovery Channel's #1 series Canada's Greatest Know-it-All.

***NEW December 2018***

Epic Space Adventure: Europa Excursion is now available at the webstore!

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Order Epic Space Adventure (a science book for kids) at the webstore (autographed) or here on Amazon.

Order SpaceMatch (a space card game for kids) at the webstore, or here on Amazon.

Order Politics (like the Daily Show in a game) at the webstore, or here on Amazon.

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    Andrew is an avid trivia player and public speaker, occasionally giving talks at schools, convention panels, museums, and other venues. Contact him using the form on the Contact page.



    Mars Rover Rescue

    Epic Space Adventure

    Leaving Earth


    Mars Rover Rescue Memory Game