Andrew Rader 

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Leaving Earth (Autographed from Author)


This is to order an autographed print edition, with an autograph or personal mesage if desired.

You can also find a print Edition  here on Amazon  along with reviews & more information.

We are now at the cusp of settling other worlds. The timeline for a Mission to Mars is still over 20 years off - but it doesn't have to be. Leaving Earth  demonstrates why we should go to Mars, and why when we do going one-way - not to die, but to live - actually makes a lot of sense.

Simply put, a one-way trip maximizes the return, minimizes the cost, and is by far the most logical way to organize a mission from almost every standpoint.

Leaving Earth is fast-paced, & full of fascinating historical, scientific, and personal anecdotes. It is aimed at a non-technical audience, and should be accessible to anyone. Although technology is a major focus, the mission would primarily be a human adventure. As such, the book examines the risks and human impacts in personal terms.

Who would choose to give up their life on Earth to start a new one on another planet? What would that be like? What would be given up, and what would be gained? Moreover, how could such a mission be accomplished, both technically and financially?

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