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Evolve! The Game of Unnatural Selection

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Build over 8,000 creatures to face diverse biomes and challenges. Fight, mate, hunt, & evolve your way to victory!

Evolve is a 'build-your-own animal' card game for 2-6 players based on scientific principles -- perfect for gamers, families, and classrooms.

Each epoch you'll mutate your creature to face one of 15 Biomes and 21 unique Challenges in your quest for dominance over your competitors.

What if a meteor strikes, or an ice age overtakes the planet? Can you successfully build a nest to impress your mate, or convince those strange 2-legged creatures that you'd make a good candidate for domestication?

Evolve is a fast-paced card game taking 1 hour or less to play. It is fun and suitable for adults who like "euro-style" games or card games.

It's also educational, and suitable as a classroom or family-style game (kids aged ~10 or younger may require guidance).

Evolve includes:

  • 108 full-color cards
  • 30 wooden marker cubes
  • 1 full-color scoring sheet
  • 6 full-color creature cards (1 per player)
  • Full-color Box
  • Rulesheet

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