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Politics ~ Bribes, Scandals, Strife, & Strategy

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Politics is a fast & furious card game for 2-9 players. It's easy to learn and takes 20-45 minutes to play. Players compete in an election across all 50 states, trying to win the presidency of the United States.

Each player acts as a candidate representing a political position (Socialist, Libertarian, Minority Candidate, etc.). Each candidate has particular advantages and disadvantages in 8 areas of influence (Science/Education, Health care, Environment, Minority/Women's issues, Economy/Taxes, Crime/Guns, Military, Religion), and also a bonus special ability which they can use during the game.

Your goal is to earn the most votes across 22 regions, each with unique characteristics. Region order and number of votes is based on actual US elections.

When you compete for votes in a region, you can bolster your candidate's abilities by spending cash (influence) and playing action cards. Action cards allow you to give yourself bonuses, or your opponents penalties (by implicating them in scandals).

Have you got what it takes to be the leader of the free world?

  Politics Includes:

  • 54 full-color action cards
  • 22 full-color region cards
  • 9 full-color candidate cards
  • 5 full-color player reference cards
  • 45 influence cubes
  • Rulesheet
  • Full-color Box
  • 10-sided die

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