Andrew Rader 

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SpaceMatch is a card matching & trading game. Your goal is to assemble as many planet-moon sets as possible (e.g., Jupiter-Io-Europa-Ganymede-Callisto) - kind of like a really advanced version of 'Go Fish'.

It's quick to learn and fun to play, suitable for both adults and kids - perfect for classrooms and family game nights. Order SpaceMatch at the webstore, or here on Amazon.

SpaceMatch includes 53 Game cards & 1 Rule card.

Mars Rover Rescue Memory Game

In the Mars Rover Rescue memory card game, players assemble a combination of cards including a ship, base, truck, and explorer crew to be the first to find the lost rover. It's quick and easy to play even for young children, taking around 15 minutes.

It's available here on the webstore.

Evolve - The Game of Unnatural Selection

Evolve is a 'build-your-own animal' card game for 2-6 players based on scientific principles, taking around 30-45 minutes to play.

Each epoch you'll mutate your creature to face one of 15 Biomes and 21 unique Challenges in your quest for dominance. Creatures are rated on four attributes, and can also have a dozen special abilities like flying, swimming, or burrowing.

Evolve is fast-paced, taking an hour or less to play. It is fun and suitable for adults who like "euro-style" games or card games.

It's also educational, and suitable as a classroom or family-style game (kids aged ~10 or younger may require guidance).

Evolve is available for order at the webstore (or here on Amazon).

Evolve includes: 

  •   72 Creature cards (54 Animal, 14 Adaptation)
  •   21 Challenge cards
  •   15 Biome cards
  •   30 Marker cubes
  •   6 Creature sheets
  •   1 Scoring sheet
  •   Full-color Box
  •   Rules

Politics - Bribes, Scandals, Strife, & Strategy

Politics is a fast & furious card game for 2-9 players. It's easy to learn and takes 20-45 minutes to play. Players compete in an election to become President of the United States.

Each player controls a candidate representing a political position (Socialist, Libertarian, Minority, etc.), with unique advantages and disadvantages.

Your goal is to earn the most votes across 22 regions, each with unique characteristics. Region order and number of votes is based on actual US elections.

When you compete for votes in a region, you can bolster your candidate's abilities by spending influence and playing cards. 

Politics is available for order at the webstore (or here on Amazon).

Politics includes:

  • 54 Action cards
  • 22 Region cards
  • 9 Candidate cards
  • 5 Player Reference cards
  • 45 Influence cubes
  • Full-color Box
  • 10-sided die
  • Rules

Strategy Games

Andrew has designed several expansions for World in Flames, including Factories in Flames, Commandos in Flames, and Khaki in Flames.

Andrew's latest wargame release is a First World War global strategic simulation, Fatal Alliances, published by Compass Games.

Stay tuned for more games in development.